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About the Project

The NL Storefront Project is a partnership with business, artists and creative teams. It populates the City’s storefronts with temporary public art that engages and energizes the urban community. These installations merge art, culture and the history of the City for the benefit of everyone who lives, works and visits New London.

Exhibit Dates: June 8 – Oct 21

  • Community Relevance & Civic Identity
  • Artistic Engagement & Excellence
  • Enhancing the Creative Economy
The exhibition will be thematically focused on the City’s historic, current and future relationship with Water. Artists/creative teams will be selected for the Temporary Exhibits – storefronts program designed to use temporary artwork to enhance the visual character of vacant storefronts in the City of New London. The history of New London is interwoven with its relationship to water – Water, the Thames River, its estuary, the Long Island Sound and the ocean beyond are the City’s agents of change, diversity, industry and economy. That relationship with this incredible resource, its ecological ‘organic’ past and current history, will continue to be a major factor in the future of the City.

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Theme = Water

Artwork by Gail Gelburd